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Valino Pergea 08RS - TREADWEAR 160

$310.00 AUD

VALINO PERGEA was developed with the concept (The Strongest High Grip Tire).
Envisioning VALINO PERGEA being put through hard battles on the field, starting from the early development stages of VALINO PERGEA, we aimed to build a "winning" racing tire with intense gripping force, great balance in all dimensions, and overwhelming performance control.
Utilizing results from numerous tests thoroughly performed by National/International driver Naoki Nakamura and National/International D1GP driver Tetsuya Hibino, VALINO PERGEA was created.

Vigorous and countless trial and error prototype testing led to the devlopment model.
The next stage of development took form with harsh testing completed by select drivers actively competing on the front line, other than development drivers Naoki Nakamura and Tetsuya Hibino.
Including D1GP driver Katsuhiro Euo (former D1GP Series Champion), FD Japan driver Andrew Gray (3 time FD Japan Serious Champion), and D1GP driver Naoto Suenaga, endless tests to perfect a "winning" race tire in Nationwide racing circuits led to the development of the extreme product:

Expect Overwhelming Performance from VALINO PERGEA!