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1200 horsepower SP knuckle

$650.00 AUD

At the Shinji Minowa, our representative who is participating in the top category such as D1 Grand Prix and formuladrift japan, we are handling it with feeling similar to JZX series and we are making great importance on the controllability at deep angle. It is as equally as harsh to use for JZX, and it carries out many tests, succeeds in realizing normal + α strength, it becomes a product with a track record and reliability. The drift competition in recent years has evolved dramatically every year and we have a wealth of knuckle lineups to enable drift in different dimensions year by year. Because we design a special design for each knuckle, it will be a product that will allow different drifts than ever by using knuckle according to your car's tuning. In addition, we are currently manufacturing a new model for further angle and performance improvement. This item will be the item you will process our knuckle with yourself. ~ Points to remember ~ ● All lineups will be parts dedicated to the competition, we do not comply with car inspection etc. ● Please use a spacer with a break angle of 5 mm. ● For interference parts, countermeasures are required. ● It will be parts dedicated to competition, we do not correspond to car inspection etc.