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305cc Magnum Aluminium Cylinder Heads Competition Package 115cc Combustion Chamber. Suit B/B Chev

$4,918.72 AUD

The smallest intake volume runners in our line-up, but don't let size fool you. 305cc ''As Cast'' with CNC bowl blend will provide you with flow numbers most medium sized cylinder heads, and some larger, can only dream about. This line was designed to optimize low and mid-lift airflow, while still generating impressive peak figures. The application should be focused on smaller cubic inch Big Blocks (396-502), with a primary operating range of 2500-6800 rpm's (this range is an average and will vary with engine displacement as well as component selection). These heads should also be given strong consideration in larger street driven or marine applications up to 555 CID, where low rpm power and drivability are a factor. AFR BBC 305cc cylinder heads would be a great choice if your looking for big torque, strong low rpm performance, and still have good rpm capabilities. The 305cc standard with AFR's trademark .750'' thick head deck, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and are equipped with premium one piece stainless steel 2.250'' intake valves and 1.880'' exhaust valves. Standard combustion chamber volume is 115cc's on the 305 ''As Cast'' pieces.

Basic Package Components:
  • Competition 5-angle valve job
  • Intake Valve, 2.250'' stainless steel
  • Exhaust Valve, 1.880'' stainless steel
  • 1.625 O.D. Roller Dual Valve Spring with dampener 255 lbs. on seat, .750'' maximum lift
  • 10° Chrome Moly Retainer
  • 10° Valve Locks
  • Guide Plates
  • Viton Valve Seals
  • Hardened Shims
  • Intake Valve Seats
  • Exhaust Valve Seats
  • Bronze Valve Guides Intake
  • Bronze Valve Guides Exhaust
  • AFR BB Chevy 7/16 Exhaust Studs
  • AFR BB Chevy 7/16 Intake Studs