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Old Tyme Black Series 5-Gauge Kit Mechanical Speedometer, Fuel Level, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Voltmeter

$653.49 AUD

  • 3-1/8'' Speedometer, Mechanical, 0-120 mph
  • Re-settable Trip odometer.
  • Includes 5/8'' - 18 threaded cable input with .104'' square drive.
  • Speedometer cable not included.
  • 2-1/16'' Oil Pressure, Short Sweep Electric, 0-100 psi
  • 2-1/16'' Water Temperature, Short Sweep Electric, 100-250°F
  • 2-1/16'' Fuel Level,Short Sweep Electric, 240 ohms Empty/33 ohms Full
  • 2-1/16'' Voltmeter, Short Sweep Electric, 8-18 volts

The Old Tyme Black series features a timely, nostalgic look with the accuracy of a modern air core meter. Bold white numbers on the black coloured face are accented by a chrome bezel, antique white pointer and a clear domed lens.