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Magnum Series III Big Block Chevy Forged 4340 Crankshaft4.750'' stroke, 2.750'' mains, 2.200'' pins, internal balance, nitrided

$4,060.56 AUD

  • Average Weight for 4.500 in. Stroke Balanced to 2350g Bob. = 69 lbs
  • Gun Drilled Mains, With 8 Full Counterweights
  • All Rod Journals Lightened
  • Dual post Keyways
  • Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride
  • Requires narrow bearings
  • Enhanced rod oiling through the use of main bearing oil hole lead-ins.
  • Two Piece Seal Type
  • Made in USA

Your request for a lightweight yet durable crankshaft for the powerful big block Chevy engine has been answered. Callies' design team has optimised material distribution throughout this crankshaft to produce a component that is strong yet easy to balance.
Many BBC crankshafts are counterweighted to offset simple balance forces detected at main bearings 1 and 5 by today's precision balancers. Callies Magnum Mass Correct counterweights have beenstrategically placed to reduce imbalance forces over the entire length of the shaft. The result is a crankshaft that exhibits superior bearing life and minimal wear.