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1250 CFM 4-Barrel Dominator Carburettor Progressive Secondaries. No Choke, Annular Boosters

$1,819.13 AUD

The ultimate high performance racing carburettor for big inch and high horsepower engines. The world famous Holley Dominator features the large bolt pattern and air horn for massive breathing ability!

Designed for use on Drag race engines
Calibrated for a 1x4 set-up
Includes notched float and jet extensions
Progressive Secondaries
Dual 50cc accelerator pumps
3 Circuit Metering for enhanced tunability
Calibrated for Gasoline
Dual fuel inlets
4 corner idle
Screw in air bleeds
Annular Boosters
Venturi Size 1.880
Throttle bore 2.125
Aluminium throttle plates