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K&N Holley Substack Fits 4150/4160 390-850 HP 4BBL Carburettors With No Choke Horn -

$54.23 AUD

This K&N Stubstack is designed to be used with Holley 390-850 cfm square bore carbs (4150/4160), that have had the choke horn milled off and still use an air cleaner. Eliminates the need for hand polishing and radius work. Will work with all K&N Custom Chrome Racing Air Cleaners, including Tall Velocity Stack Air Cleaners. The K&N Stubstack is designed to increase the airflow of carburettors by decreasing the restriction around the choke horn.

Part KN85-0400 Product Specifications
Height: 1.69 in (43 mm)
Length: 5.13 in (130 mm)
Material Used: Polyurethane