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K&N Universal Clamp On Filter Wrap Black - KNRE-0810PK

$50.38 AUD

The K&n Precharger Filter Wrap Is A Specially Designed To Ex tend The Service Interval Of Y our K&n Filtercharger Filter W hen Used In Very Dusty Conditi ons. They Are Made From Durabl e Polyester Material Containin g A Uniform Weave. The Prechar ger Will Stop Small Dirt Parti cles With Minimal Restriction To The Airflow Of The Filter.
re-0810pk Product Spec ifications
product Style: Filter Wrap - Round Tapered
wrap Type: Precharger
colo r: Black
base Inside Diamet er: 6 In (152 Mm)
top Insid e Diameter: 4.625 In (117 Mm)height: 9 In (229 Mm)
cl osed Top: Yes
weight: 0.1 L b (0 Kg)
product Box Length : 5.25 In (133 Mm)
product Box Width: 6.25 In (159 Mm)
product Box Height: 1.5 In (3 8 Mm)