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Roller Pilot BearingSuit SB, BB & 90° V6 Chev

$37.91 AUD

  • Unlike other roller pilot bearings, this high speed bearing is designed as a direct replacement in all Chevrolet V8's and 90° V6's (also fits 1976 and later V6 Buick)
  • Requires no modification to either crank or input shafts
  • Eliminates premature bearing failure and insures clean clutch release by maintaining true alignment of clutch disc to flywheel
  • Packed with high temperature grease for proper lubrication under extreme high heat conditions
  • Suitable for all high performance applications including drag, oval track/road race and street
  • 1.093'' O.D. x .591'' I.D. x .72'' Depth
  • One per package