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Saito Ta 600 HP SP knuckle

$610.00 AUD

In the top category such as D1 Grand Prix and formuladrift japan etc. It is attached to numerous players including Saito Tao, and as a result of harsh use situation and numerous tests, we succeeded in achieving normal + α strength, It will be a reliable item.
The drift competition in recent years has evolved dramatically every year and we have a wealth of knuckle lineups to enable drift in different dimensions year by year.
Saito Taigo will be an entry model of the knuckle series. Compared to other lineups is not a vehicle dedicated to competition, it is a model that is made considering to take a city ride. Compared to genuine, it has a large break angle, it has a wide range of quick behavior and deep angle control, it is easy to handle and makes the driver easier for knuckle.

Because we design a special design for each knuckle, it will be a product that will allow different drifts than ever by using knuckle according to your car's tuning.

~ Points to
remember ~ ● All lineups will be parts dedicated to the competition, we do not comply with car inspection etc.
● Please use a spacer with a break angle of 5 mm.
● For use with JZX90 series, 100 series lower ball joints are being machined, so a part of the knuckle (hub side) may need to be cut slightly.