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454 ci BB Chev - Flat Top Hypereutectic Pistons 461 c.i., 4.155'' bore, 4.000 stroke, 6.135'' rod length, -2.0cc dome volume

$264.99 AUD

These ruggedly durable pistons are made with exclusive high strength FM425 alloy, and enhanced with 16.5% silicon for excellent tensile strength and scuff resistance. This advanced metallurgy permits tighter bore clearances, which help minimise noise on cold engine start-up. These pistons are the ideal choice for street performance applications and late-model replacement.

  • More Sealed Power hypereutectics benefits:
  • Higher strength than cast or forged at operating temperature
  • Finely dispersed silicon particles provide a highly resistant wear surface and reduces scuffing
  • Lower material growth allows pistons to be fit tighter, improving cylinder sealing for less blow-by and more power
  • High silicon content allows elimination of groove inserts in certain applications
  • Designed to retain standardring gaps in the top groove

Piston Specifications :

  • CID: 461
  • Bore: 4.155
  • Stroke: 4.000
  • Rod Length: 6.135
  • Compression Height: 1.615
  • Compression Ratio with 100cc chamber volume: 8.88
  • Compression Ratio with 117cc chamber volume: 7.95
  • Compression Ratio with 124cc chamber volume: 7.60
  • Dome Volume: -2.0cc
  • Pin Type: Press Or Float
  • Recommended Ring Set: Moly - SPE233K 030, STD Fit - SPR9905 030, File Fit - SPR9590 035
  • Coated piston