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400 Small Block Chevy - Flat Top Forged Piston 400 c.i., 4.125'' bore, 3.750'' stroke, 5.700'' rod length, -5.0cc dome volume

$1,049.40 AUD

This piston set is ideal for oval track to street/strip applications, it is forged from high silicon 4032 aluminium alloy. Features include Forged Side Reliefs (FSR) and forced pin oiling. Piston set accepts 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 rings.


  • Spiro Lock: 927-042-CS
  • Straight Wall Pin: 927-2750-15-51S(130g)
  • Pin fitting

Specifications :

  • Part #: SRP231307
  • CID: 400
  • Bore: 4.125
  • Stroke: 3.750
  • Rod Length: 5.700
  • Compression Height: 1.425
  • Compression Ratio with 58cc chamber volume: 12.3
  • Compression Ratio with 64cc chamber volume: 11.4
  • Compression Ratio with 70cc chamber volume: 10.7
  • Dome Volume: -5.0cc
  • Gram Weight: 484
  • Oversize: STD
  • Recommended Ring Set (Check Proseal listing to determine oil ring tension): S100S8-4125-5

SRP Pistons was founded in 1997 by JE Pistons, the world's largest manufacturer of forged racing pistons. The idea was simple, to create a high quality forged piston at an affordable price. Every SRP forging was created with quality, performance and affordability in mind. By designing dedicated forgings, the pistons became both lighter and stronger while machining time and scrap aluminium were drastically reduced. These factors have reduced the price of SRP Pistons and contributed to their success. Today, over 400 different piston part numbers comprise the SRP product lineup, including Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Honda and more.