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Universal Atmosphere Demolisher - Cupcake Edition

$1,000.00 AUD

Too much of a sissy for huge uprights? If you aren't scared of a little DIY (drilling two holes), we've got you covered.

This setup was originally designed for FC3S RX7's, but with a little work can also fit S13 coupes and hatches, S14, SC300, Cressida, Z32, WRX, AE86 and whatever else you crazy kids can think of.

Kit Includes:

  • Wing deck in 1700mm or new 1850mm
  • Upper Brackets
  • Corner-mount Boot Brackets
  • Endplates
  • Stainless steel hardware kit with counter-sunk washers

Big Country Labs wing decks are made of the highest quality materials to stand up to your toughest beatdown. Fiberglass decks are vacuum-formed and arrive in a smooth matte finish. Carbon fiber decks feature a tight weave and ultra high gloss finish.

All wing decks include stainless steel mounting hardware, BCL washers, and adjustable laser-cut alloy endplates.