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DORI JUNKIE Extended front lower control arm (PAIR)(Jzx90/jzx100/Jzx110/JZS171/SXE10)

$340.00 AUD

Dorijunkie JZX Extended front LCA (Lower Control Arms) The Dorijunkie JZX front control arm is a factory JZX arm that has been extended to the customer's desired length whilst retaining the critical angles of a stock arm.

Crucial to any big angle kit upgrade on your JZX, these arms will give you more wheel clearance lock to lock, and a wider track whilst giving you the desired negative camber without adjustable upper arms.

All arms have been modified from JZX100 arms allowing the you to utilise the factory JZX100 Caster arms with the option to use JZX110 Caster arms too. (not compatible with JZX90 caster arms) The arms are edge prepped and extended with a solid piece of 1020 steel before being TIG welded in our fixture. It is then pulled out of our fixture to be gusseted on all 4 sides.

Please choose between the following extension lengths we are offering currently: 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm. 

As these arms are modified factory arms, customers are required to send their stock arms to be exchanged with the modified arms we have in stock.