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Fenix Holden VL Commodore Turbo Radiator - Full Alloy Performance

$440.00 AUD


Fenix Full Alloy Performance Radiator:

After much hard work & development, Fenix is proud to present theis new range of full alloy radiators! These radiators are tig welded, hand polished, & come with the premium 2yr/50,000km warranty. This radiator has a 2 row, 52mm thick core. These radiators will out perform the original  radiator any day of the week! This is due to the 2 row core having bigger tubes  & more surface area to disperse the heat from the motor.

FENIX Radiators get pushed to the limits in Burnout cars, 4WD's, V8 touring cars and Top drift cars across the world.  


Fenix Part Number:                 RACE1279-FA52A.

Model:                                       VL Commodore RB30.

Year of manufacture:             JAN/1986 - SEP/1988.

Transmission:                          Manual.

Core size:                                 545 x 430 x 52mm.