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DG - 5 HEYMAN Spec ST Coilovers

$4,150.00 AUD

It will be a flagship model. We further boil down DG - 5 HEYMANspec and reviewed the damping force · spring rate · spring seat · lower bracket · shell case etc.
It will be a super traction model that can move forward firmly at the start.

It is a car harmonic SET developed with DG-5 and HEYMAN PRODUCTS boasting a large number of mounting rates in top category such as D1 Grand Prix and Formula Drift japan. Because it is a dedicated design, it will be unobtainable in others.
High traction performance is demonstrated, and ease of handling is compatible at high level. Easy to ride, ride comfort is also outstandingly finished to a car harmony, it will be boiled down until it is convinced.