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Hey Man!! Products Saito SP Knuckle to suit JZX90/JZX100/JZX110/JZS171/SXE10

$610.00 AUD

Saito Daigo is in top category racing such as D1 Grand Prix and formula drift japan etc, and as such expects his parts to hold up to demanding situations.

The drift competition in recent years has evolved dramatically every year and with a wealth of knuckle lineups to enable drift in different dimensions this option is a stand out.

These Saito Daigo are an entry level model of the knuckle. Compared to other lineups these are not solely for a track vehicle dedicated to competition.  This is a model that is made to accommodate also being a daily drive.  Compared to genuine parts, these have a large break angle, a wide range of quick changes and deep angle control, it is easy to handle and makes the drive easier.

Because each knuckle is designed specifically for a purpose, it will be a product that will allow different drifts than ever by using knuckle according to your car's tuning.


~ Points to remember ~

  • All lineups will be parts dedicated to the competition, we do not comply with car-specific inspections etc. it is the drivers responsibility to ensure they are adhering to local regulations.  
    ● Please use a spacer with a break angle of 5 mm. 
    ● For use with JZX90 series, 100 series lower ball joints are being machined, so a part of the knuckle (hub side) may need to be cut slightly.


Available for JZX 90, 100 ,110, JZS 171, & SXE 10 Chassis types in 600, 800, 800+, 1200 & 1500 HP versions.