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Valino Greeva 08D

$179.00 AUD

VALINO GREEVA was developed with the concept (More Fun & More Life). We aimed at building a strong and everlasting tire which "you can drive more". By rebooting to a flat state, and starting with the tire's basic structure, materials and production system, we succeeded in the birth of a stronger and everlasting tire. In drifting communities' sacred, world famous Ebisu Circuit, working closely with TEAM ORANGE, we successfully refined a stronger and everlasting tire which "you can drive more". It is said that the burden on a drift tire is between ten and several hundred times greater when compared to other race scenes such as time attack and grip. This is due to the heavy load on the tire, which when compared to street usage, is from another dimension. General street tires are not designed to handle this heavy load which would lead to blistering or peeling of the tire, eventually breaking the tire. From the development stage of VALINO GREEVA, we have pursued and succeeded in creating a stronger and longer lasting tire which is peel resistant. We welcome you to experience VALINO GREEVA, the "tire you can use until the end" and feel the difference to the last drop.